Be active, be social, be you!

Street soccer in La Boca • spoly
Street soccer • Argentina © Jaydee Nicholson

With spoly, you’ll easily create and join sport activities near you!

Why spoly

It’s our purpose to connect people with the joy of physical activity!

Kids playing football in Madagascar • spoly
Football • Madagascar © Cyril Chan

What we do differently 

We use technology to get active. The app does not care about likes and followers, it cares about activities!

Basketball in the Philippines • spoly
Basketball • Philippines © v. Schalkwyk

Time to evolve again

We believe that humanity evolves through interaction. With spoly, we’ll become more social, smarter and stronger every day!

Chess in Cuba • spoly
Chess • Cuba © Adam Jones

Get together

Streetball in Los Angeles • spoly
Streetball • United States © Zeke Anders

We enjoy to chat, laugh and have fun with one another. spoly is here to get together in real life!