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spoly lets you create and join free sport activities near you!

Street soccer in Havana — Spoly
Street soccer in Havana © Matthew Ciminero

get active

We use technology to get active. The app does not care about likes and followers, it cares about activities!

Streetball in New York City — Spoly
Streetball in New York City © Gina Herold

“It’s our purpose to connect people—locals and travellers—with the joy of physical activity and (re)experience the true power of sport.”

Kids playing football in Madagascar — Spoly
Kids playing football in Madagascar © Cyril Chan

stay social

We enjoy to chat, laugh and have fun with one another—spoly goes further than just playing sport, it motivates us to get together in our daily lives!

Grato Bowl — Spoly
Skate community at Grato Bowl © Davide Castagna

“Likes and followers are simply incomparable to high fives and celebrating a goal!”

be you

We play sport because we love it. It brings us together. We strongly believe that sport is not about being the next World Champion. It’s about being active, social and most of all being you!

Mega Skatepark Villa Olimpica — Spoly
BMX rider at Mega Skatepark Villa Olimpica © Akrofabia

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