Marbella Skatepark

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    One of Spain’s oldest skateparks, next to a beautiful beach

    If you’re looking for a place where you can have a badass skate session next to a beautiful beach, Marbella Skatepark is the perfect place for you. This amazing skate spot is just a few steps away from the beach so if you could easily skate for a few hours and then take a dip in the warm Mediterranean waters. This skatepark is one of Spain’s oldest but it was rebuilt and reopened in 2014 after the X-games passed through the Catalonian capital, inspiring many. The recent improvements keep the skatepark’s long history alive and also attracts new generations of extreme sports enthusiasts.

    Barcelona is an enchanted city that lives and breathes skateboarding. Marbella Skatepark is considered the city’s best skatepark by many. It’s admission free, open 24 hours a day (the lights are on until 10 PM) and accessible to all. That means that skateboarders, in-line skaters, scooter riders, BMXers can all ride here and have an awesome time together. This 2,600 m2 (28,000 ft2) concrete playground is made for everybody. It’s a lovely place where you can meet up with friends, enjoy the sun, palm trees and beach all in one place.

    Marbella Skatepark is made for everybody

    At one end of the skatepark, there’s a great street course, equipped with concrete benches, a couple of rails, a pole jam, some curbs and quite a bit of flat land for those who like doing tricks on flat surfaces. The street section also includes a volcano and some mellow banks. The park was adapted to the natural slope of the terrain, giving it a slight inclination for more speed. To get to the bowl section, you have to pass over three concrete dunes. And, if you’re more into pools, then you’re in luck because this skatepark has two amazing bowls on the side closest to the shore. One of them is smaller but ideal for beginners who are learning to rip curves. The other bowl is bigger and has a deeper end for more experienced thrashers. Both bowls were built with extensions and old-school concrete pool copings. A spine separates the pools so you can easily transition back and forth between them. Encircling the bowls is a curvy snake run, perfectly built for surfing concrete.

    Own your skills

    Although the skatepark’s street section may not be as complete as the bowl section, the spot as a whole is an ideal place where you can hang out and own your skills. All in all, this skatepark is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters. To get here, you just have to take a quick metro ride to Poble Nou Park. Once there, simply follow the colorful graffiti art all the way to the skatepark. Marbella Skatepark is surrounded by palm trees, green areas and a wondrous atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for a spot where you and your friends can get together, enjoy the sun, and land some tricks, this is the place for you. Besides, the good thing about having the beach so close by is that you can always take a break to swim, walk the beach or relax on the grass beneath some shade and have a picnic.

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