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    An oasis for skaters

    The City of Brussels is the historical center and the capital of Belgium. Here, deep in the heart of Brussels, you’ll find what many consider the best skatepark in Brussels, Skatepark Chappelle (aka Place de la Chapelle or Skatepark des Ursulines). This concrete urban-style skatepark is like an oasis for skaters in a city where skate facilities are virtually inexistent. This awesome skatepark spans approximately 1,900 m2 and is in the center of Brussels. Across from the beautiful Romanesque-Gothic church of La Chapelle near Central Station, this spot is surrounded by beautiful architecture. Everything about this skatepark is urban to the core. It’s surrounded by roads and buildings and was incorporated into the railroad tracks’ bridge system. The skatepark is perfectly integrated into the city and easily accessible. Onlookers typically sit on benches surrounding the park to relax and watch the pros do their tricks. The space is open to the public, attracting die-hard skaters, fans, and onlookers.

    You'll always find people skating at Skatepark Chapelle

    If you’ve ever been to Brussels, you know the city is charming, even though its weather can be less charming. Nonetheless, you will always find people skating at Skatepark Chapelle daily. So, you can expect a lot of movement and action when it’s sunny out. People will typically stay the whole day when the weather’s just right. This skatepark’s all-inclusive, meaning you’ll find skateboarders, roller skaters, BMXers, and scooters together on any given day. There is a wide variety of obstacles for you to get creative on. Some of the park’s best features include two 20-meter-long grindable benches. These are perfect for practicing nose and tail slides. Besides the benches, there are manual pads, grind boxes, and rails. However, the most fabulous feature of the park might be the kidney-shaped bowl, which is perfect for carving, stalls, and getting air. You can exit the bowl through a roll-in and skate the banks or the quarter pipe adjacent to the bowl. Like the rest of the park, the bowl is entirely covered in graffiti, giving it an old-school feel and look. Besides the banks and ledges, there’s also a monstrous volcano in the middle of the park. The entire park was built on a slanted plane, making it ideal for getting speed and street surfing. If you’re into street with some park skating, you’ll feel right at home here.

    Many 'Brusselaars' made this spot their home

    This spot has a history that goes back to the 1950s. The area had been left unused for decades until 2003, when a proposal was made to turn the spot into a skatepark for the community. The proposal led to the inauguration of Skatepark Chapelle in 2006. And ever since then, people have been skating this spot non-stop. The skatepark is open 24 hours, has no free entree, and is illuminated after dark. The graffiti-covered cement obstacles bring people from all over the city together. Many of them who’ve made this spot their home. There’s nothing better than shredding a bowl and grinding boxes with your friends. The surroundings are ideal for snapping some excellent street skating footage. And even if you’re not into skating or BMXing, this park is a fantastic place to relax, watch the sunset, and enjoy a good beer with friends.

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