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    Stockwell Skatepark is a famous outdoor concrete skatepark with an old-school vibe located in the borough of Lambeth in South London. It's also been known as Stockwell Sands or Brixton Beach, and it doesn't just look like an old-school skatepark. It was built in 1978, making it one of the oldest skateparks in London; actually, it's one of the oldest in the world. Funded by the Lambeth Borough Council, its been actively used by local skaters and visitors from all over the world ever since. This skatepark has been around for almost as long as skateboarding has, and it's still a great place to shred and get some killer shots.

    "One of the oldest skateparks in the world."

    This outdoor skatepark is unique and unlike any other in London. Instead of your standard skatepark obstacles, you'll find that Stockwell Skatepark's wavy architecture and superbly smooth concrete are a lot of fun and great for speed. One of the park's main features is the long snake run. And as you're carving it, you'll understand why this place was dubbed Brixton Beach. You'll also have a great selection of quarter-pipes and hips, a spine, some banks, and a mini-pool. There's also a gnarly 6ft tall half-bowl with metal coping besides a 5-stair set and a grind box for those who prefer street skating. You'll find everything you need to bring out your most creative side for the most perfect session. You could even try skating a longboard. Most of the park is covered in artistic graffiti, typical of a great outdoor skatepark. It'll look great in your shots. Since its establishment, the park has remained a focal point for skateboarders to practice their sport and hang out with friends. It was a wildly popular spot and used heavily by local and international skaters for decades. So understandably, by the mid-90s, the skatepark needed repairing. A red-colored concrete was laid over it and the park re-opened with a new surface. The spot remained as popular as ever, and a decade and a half later, in the mid-2000s, it needed resurfacing again. This time though, corners were cut. The red layer of concrete was simply layered over with more grey concrete. This did not last, though, and the new surface deteriorated rapidly. Soon after, the park had to be resurfaced again, but it had to be done the right way. This time both the grey and red layers were removed first. The park has always been an essential part of the community and was even registered as an Asset of Community Value by the Council. Nowadays, however, it's overseen by the Friends of Stockwell Skatepark, a community of diehard local skaters and BMXers.

    "A wildly popular spot, used heavily by local and international skaters for decades."

    Overall, the park is excellent for everyone, BMXing, skateboarding, roller skating, and scootering, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a pro. And you can even skate past sundown because the lights in the park turn on upon nightfall. It's also free to use, and there are no opening hours, making it a great place to meet up with friends and just hand out. If you're ever near South London and are looking for a place to skate with friends or meet the locals, check out Stockwell Skatepark. You will not be disappointed.

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