Soccer courts near me

Street soccer in Palermo — Spoly
Street soccer in Palermo © Antonio Pellicano

Did I know the country?
The people?
The language?
But when I saw that ball rolling on that court, I knew it was all good

Street soccer court in Hanoi — spoly
Street soccer court in Hanoi © Hồng Nhung

About street soccer

In street soccer, languages and cultures are never a barrier. Wherever we are, we communicate with a simple ball. Soccer, also known as football, is the most popular activity of the world. On the streets this activity is slightly different than on the pitch. Here, freestyle masters and panna kings own tricks that go beyond imagination.

Street soccer at Caminito 'La Boca' — spoly
Street soccer at Caminito 'La Boca' © Jaydee Nicholson

Soccer court

A soccer court connects the youngsters with the elders. It empowers people to create their own meaning of respecting one another. Games can be played 3 versus 3, 5 versus 5, 8 against 8 or just 1 on 1. There are plenty of options. Especially with all different kinds of neighbourhoods. In the end, what really counts, is having a place for all of us—rebells, travellers and locals. A place where we can play our favourite sport together and create memories that will be engraved on the stones. On a soccer court we freely open ourselves to meeting new cultures, nationalities and with that new soccer buddies.

Soccer court in Old Havana — Spoly
Soccer court in Old Havana © Dotan Saguy

Soccer buddies

Worldwide, we’re counting 1 billion soccer players in 211 countries, people who play football on a regular basis. So, soccer buddies can be found practically anywhere.

Soccer buddies in Greenland — spoly
Soccer buddies in Greenland © Philip Field

Soccer courts near me

Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Marseille, Brussels and London are famous for their notorious street soccer courts. Yet, of course, there’s a lot more out there. What about the creative soccer court at Old Havana? Or Caminito La Boca in Buenos Aires? To further inspire you about street soccer and how people are globally embracing this activity, we’re sharing the following three videos on our site, representing France, Belgium and London (UK). It’s time to let our feet speak.

Ballon Sur Bitume – France

De Pleintjes – Belgium

The Last Stand – London