Skateparks near me

Skatepark in Bozen — Spoly
Skatepark in Bozen © Nic Mair

For some, an action sport
For others, a form of art

Street skater in Toronto — Spoly
Street skater in Toronto © Urgen Lama

About skateboarding

Skateboarding is you. Your clothing style, your buddies, your street culture. It’s your lifestyle and you wouldn’t change it for the world. What started as ‘sidewalk surfing’ years ago, with wooden boxes on roller skate wheels, magically evolved into one of the most popular sports in the world. These days, skateboarders ride solid planks on custom wheels. And there’s more to come, especially now that BMXers are joining the family!

Mega Skatepark Villa Olimpica — Spoly
BMX rider at Mega Skatepark Villa Olimpica © Akrofabia


A skatepark is a social hub for street skaters to enjoy their lifestyle on wheels. They feel home surrounded by rams, rails and buddies. A skatepark is a place designed to hang out, enjoy life and—of course—ideal for skate tricks like kickflips and hippie jumps. It’s an awesome spot to get to know each other—including yourself! Because it’s not whether you fall down, it’s whether you get back up. Persistence. Courage. Fun! It’s all there.

Vancouver Skate Plaza — Spoly
Vancouver Skate Plaza © ShredEye

Skate buddies

Our world counts 11 million skate buddies and more than 2,400 skateparks. Street skaters—locals and backpackers—from all over the globe are riding this human-powered transportation tool called a skateboard. Not even counting the numerous BMX riders who are integrating into the sport. We switch between board and bike and can be proud of those wheels connecting two disciplines that are part of one wonderful sport.

Grato Bowl — Spoly
Skatepark Grato Bowl in Milan © Grato Bowl Overview

Skateparks near me

It always gives an amazing feeling to discover new skateparks near you. Barcelona, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver are currently known as the best places to skate. Then you have tons of Latin American cities passionate about the sport, such as Pereira, Santiago or Guadalajara, and there are a lot more beautiful skate cities out there. What about the ‘underneath-a-bridge’ Skatepark A8 in the Netherlands? The creative skate community at Skatepark Bercy in Paris? Or the simple yet impressive Grato Bowl in Milan? Wherever you go, you’ll find an amazing place to pull of your next spins, slides and flips.

Venice Beach Skatepark — Spoly
Venice Beach Skatepark © Sebastien Zanella

Khule Ngubane – South Africa

Clint Peterson – Barcelona