Why spoly

It’s our purpose to connect people with the joy of physical activity and (re)experience the true power of sport. We use technology to get active. The app does not care about likes and followers, it cares about activities!

What we do differently

People first

We do not collaborate with advertisers. spoly has a completely ad-free environment—we focus on the wellbeing of people. A fee is earned when physical activities are being joined. It’s that simple!

Physical over digital

We prefer physical activities over digital activities. We encourage each other to use spoly’s app as short as possible and to enjoy spoly’s sport activities as long as possible. Therefore, we avoid options to explore faraway activities and we do not show any (profile or cover) pictures. Your profile basically shows your first name, the sports you like and the place where you are located. You only get notified when there’s an activity of one of your favourite sports nearby. spoly is a tool invented to get active in real life. That’s where you get to know each other!

It’s time to evolve again

Learning, teaching, discovering, socializing… We believe that humanity evolves through interaction, by getting physically in touch with one another and sharing our experiences. With spoly, you’ll join all kinds of activities with people from all over the world! Together with you, we want to create an open culture—all around the globe—that empowers us to become smarter, stronger and more harmonious every day!

A more active world

spoly is brought to life to create a more active world together. We enjoy to chat, laugh and have fun with one another! All creators and joiners inspire each other to get active. spoly goes further than just playing sport, it motivates us to get together in our daily lives!