Basketball courts near me

Street basketball court in Los Angeles — Spoly
Street basketball court in Los Angeles © Zeke Anders


A basketball court
Hip Hop music
Crazy outfits
Streetballers ready to get cracking
You see a mailman
A father and his son
That’s your crowd today
What’s it gonna be?

Are you in?

Streetball at Venice Beach — Spoly
Streetball at Venice Beach © Steve

About streetball

Streetball is short for street basketball and loved for its pick up games, unwritten rules and social bounding. It empowers individual skills and educates the importance of having each other’s back. The sport allows you to challenge others in complete freedom. And most importantly, to have an amazing time!

Basketball buddies in the Philippines — spoly
Basketball • Philippines © v. Schalkwyk

Basketball court

On a street basketball court you can play by a win by 2, a winner’s ball or something totally new. Streetballers are creative and always in for a challenge. Twenty-one’s, Hustle’s, Boston’s, 3-on-3’s, and more of these timeless games, have all been invented by streetballers like you!

Pigalle basketball court — Spoly
Pigalle basketball court in Paris © Sebastien Michelini

Basketball buddies

Our world counts 450 million basketball buddies in 213 countries where people are shooting hoops on a regular basis. Everywhere around the world you find streetballers passionate about the game!

Angels Gate park — Spoly
Street basketball court at Angels Gate park © Joey Zanotti

Basketball courts near me

Los Angeles, New York and Manila are probably best known for their action-packed basketball courts. But on a global scale, that’s just catching a glimpse. What about the artistic Pigalle court in Paris? The lovely David Crombie park in Toronto? Or the wonderful Angels Gate park in San Pedro? Yes, that’s right. Pack your bags because streetball doesn’t have borders!

David Crombie park — Spoly
Streetball court at David Crombie park © Sharon van der Kaay